27 Apr


I knew it the moment I saw that INTEL, a company I loved, had partnered with McAfee, a company I hate.

In 1989 I had a one man computer company, Pearl Harbor Computers (“We’ve Been Bombed Since 1941”) in Tucson, Arizona, operating out of a small mobile home at Silent Wheels Mobile Home Park, when a representative of INTEL showed up on my doorstep to give me posters and promotional literature for their new ‘INTEL Inside’ campaign.  I was impressed enough that when a friend who actually had a pot to piss in asked for investment advice I suggested INTEL and he made a bundle when their stock later split 3-1…

I have loved INTEL for years…until I recently installed their TrueKey product on my machine.  Now they are merely Intel, undeserving of the caps…

It was only after installing TrueKey that I noticed they had now partnered with McAfee, a company I despise because of the MULTITUDE of times I have had to ‘uninstall’ their product after it was installed along with some other product they had ‘partnered’ with after failing to see the notice, IN THE WORLD’S SMALLEST PRINT, that the product would also be INFECTING my computer with an alleged anti-virus program, McAfee, that uses virus-like tactics to install itself on your computer.

Sure enough…TrueKey failed to deliver on its Facial Recognition claims, ERASED all of my passwords saved with Fire/Waterfox and disabled the password saving feature that I had in place…at the same time FAILING to preserve those passwords leaving me with a week-long task of recovering/changing passwords for *all* of my applications.

I could believe this to be an error by some DUMB SON OF A BITCHES at Intel, had it not been for the fact that they have partnered with a company that has for years acted unethically to INFECT my computer with their product, forcing me to uninstall it numerous times to rid my computer of its vile presence. Instead, I am left wondering if they purposely destroyed my information in an attempt to entice me to purchase their product, whereupon they could hold me hostage in the future by forcing me to *pay* to have access to my passwords because *nobody* remembers their passwords, anymore, because that has become the job of their computer.  (And, let’s face it, who the hell is going to remember the password ‘x138YYYk4744rr6youisstupid7949’ forced on you by security experts who have decided they will not ‘allow’ you to use an ‘insecure’ password such as StealMyMoney…Please!?)

So, apparently, Intel, in their quest for greater profits, has decided it is worth screwing the pooch named Toto who did three years in prison for threatening the life of Micr$not’s BadBillyG…the Last Canadian Outlaw who is alleged to have left a bomb in a Canadian courthouse…a person who writes a blog whose patron saint is Timothy McVeigh,, whom he regards as a Hero of the rEvolution.  A person from who they, ironically, have nothing to fear because he is smart enough to realize that they have undoubtedly also destroyed the passwords of a multitude of postal workers, some of who undoubtedly think Allah Is Great and that anyone who erases all of their passwords is obviously an infidel.

Thus The Last Canadian Toto (sorry, I’m losing my train of thought, here) realizes that He/She/It can leave the Avenging Fire business to the vast multitude of crazies who have arisen to make He/She/It look like an over-the-hill LameDuck terroroist and spend his Retired Shit Disturber time merely avoiding standing too close to anyone employed by Intel because hand grenades don’t discriminate…

Oh, look at the time!  Better go take my meds…



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