27 Apr


I knew it the moment I saw that INTEL, a company I loved, had partnered with McAfee, a company I hate.

In 1989 I had a one man computer company, Pearl Harbor Computers (“We’ve Been Bombed Since 1941”) in Tucson, Arizona, operating out of a small mobile home at Silent Wheels Mobile Home Park, when a representative of INTEL showed up on my doorstep to give me posters and promotional literature for their new ‘INTEL Inside’ campaign.  I was impressed enough that when a friend who actually had a pot to piss in asked for investment advice I suggested INTEL and he made a bundle when their stock later split 3-1…

I have loved INTEL for years…until I recently installed their TrueKey product on my machine.  Now they are merely Intel, undeserving of the caps…

It was only after installing TrueKey that I noticed they had now partnered with McAfee, a company I despise because of the MULTITUDE of times I have had to ‘uninstall’ their product after it was installed along with some other product they had ‘partnered’ with after failing to see the notice, IN THE WORLD’S SMALLEST PRINT, that the product would also be INFECTING my computer with an alleged anti-virus program, McAfee, that uses virus-like tactics to install itself on your computer.

Sure enough…TrueKey failed to deliver on its Facial Recognition claims, ERASED all of my passwords saved with Fire/Waterfox and disabled the password saving feature that I had in place…at the same time FAILING to preserve those passwords leaving me with a week-long task of recovering/changing passwords for *all* of my applications.

I could believe this to be an error by some DUMB SON OF A BITCHES at Intel, had it not been for the fact that they have partnered with a company that has for years acted unethically to INFECT my computer with their product, forcing me to uninstall it numerous times to rid my computer of its vile presence. Instead, I am left wondering if they purposely destroyed my information in an attempt to entice me to purchase their product, whereupon they could hold me hostage in the future by forcing me to *pay* to have access to my passwords because *nobody* remembers their passwords, anymore, because that has become the job of their computer.  (And, let’s face it, who the hell is going to remember the password ‘x138YYYk4744rr6youisstupid7949’ forced on you by security experts who have decided they will not ‘allow’ you to use an ‘insecure’ password such as StealMyMoney…Please!?)

So, apparently, Intel, in their quest for greater profits, has decided it is worth screwing the pooch named Toto who did three years in prison for threatening the life of Micr$not’s BadBillyG…the Last Canadian Outlaw who is alleged to have left a bomb in a Canadian courthouse…a person who writes a blog whose patron saint is Timothy McVeigh,, whom he regards as a Hero of the rEvolution.  A person from who they, ironically, have nothing to fear because he is smart enough to realize that they have undoubtedly also destroyed the passwords of a multitude of postal workers, some of who undoubtedly think Allah Is Great and that anyone who erases all of their passwords is obviously an infidel.

Thus The Last Canadian Toto (sorry, I’m losing my train of thought, here) realizes that He/She/It can leave the Avenging Fire business to the vast multitude of crazies who have arisen to make He/She/It look like an over-the-hill LameDuck terroroist and spend his Retired Shit Disturber time merely avoiding standing too close to anyone employed by Intel because hand grenades don’t discriminate…

Oh, look at the time!  Better go take my meds…



NRA Newtown response: National program to place armed security in schools | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

21 Dec

NRA Newtown response: National program to place armed security in schools | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.


12 Jan

Now that all of you ‘OCCUPY’ people have done the same FeelGood’Activist/Protest ‘Dance that Lamers&WannaBe’s have been doing since the Fifties and Sixties, you might want to consider getting your heads out of your collective asses and consider doing something that might move beyond ‘mouthing’ the word ‘Change’ and actually ‘MAKE’ a ‘Change.’

You might want to OCCUPY YOURSELF, and protest what you find inside…

Oh…  WhoTheFuckAmI [TM]?
I’m the guy who was naked and being tortured in a prison cell in Ameri%a [‘%’ is for SWASTIKA] while your parents were getting their WarmFuzzies marching in a ‘peaceful protest’ against the inevitable invasion of Iraq in downtown Seattle (a few miles away from the scene of the ‘UnProtested’ crimes being committed against myself, and others, by those whom WeTheSheeple voted into power).

I am not making light of the  Sincerety&OR&Intentions of the individuals comprising the OCCUPY movement.  But all you seem to have done is made some noise, patted each other on the back and told each other ‘We Tried’…

The protesters of the Fifties had TheBigEggs.  It wasn’t ‘popular’ to protest against the NaziRatFuckers [TM] in that day and age.  More importantly, it wasn’t ‘safe,’ either…peaceful protest was met with violence.
The protesters of the Sixties, living in a time where the NaziRatFuckers [TM] had figured out that the more effective way to limit the damage of peaceful protests was LimitedAppeasement delaying tactics aimed toward pacifying the protesters, in order to lower the energy of their anger to the point where ‘peaceful protests’ could be ignored, for the most part, with a few ‘nods’ of the head and a promise that “We’re working on it.”
So the Sixties protesters ‘upped the ante’ by making the kind of noises that included things breaking…’establishment’ things.  ‘Important’ things…property…
That, also, took TheBigEggs to engage in, since there wasn’t as much public sympathy for those whose violence was being met with violence (no matter how just the cause), unlike the peaceful protesters of the Fifties who forced White America to face the fact that ‘They’ (people felt personally responsible for the actions of their government in that day and age) were sic’ing the dogs on Black America just for saying, “We don’t want to get crapped on, any more.”

Thank GoDoG&OR&TheBigEggPeople had the character and will to stay their course until enough people got involved that both Black and White Americans realized, “These are *our* children, in the streets.  These are *our* children saying, ‘We don’t want to get crapped on, any more.  We don’t want to die for things that we *don’t* believe in.'”

So, OCCUPY people…thanks for your efforts, now sit down and shut the fuck up unless you want to go beyond the SameOldSameOld “Gee, that was a lot of fun, and we got to be on TV and make our voices heard so that the NaziRatFuckers [TM] will have to pass some NewImproved PretendLegislation for THEIR RealOwners to ignore, or work around.”
[ Major Hint:  That ‘NoSandInTheVaseline’ Regulation won’t preclude TheBigBoys&Girls from adding metal shavings to their Vaseline Appeasement Tactics. ]

Your ‘vote’ only counts if you vote for the candidate with the smallest Dick&OR&Dildo, because you *know* where it’s going to be, after the election…
So, either pat yourself and your buddies on the back and then SIT DOWN & SHUT THE FUCK UP…or OCCUPY YOURSELF, and take a look at whether your sincerity and intentions are sufficient to embark on: TheOnyMovementThatMatters…*Making*Change…

Changing:  Yourself.  Your actions.  Your attitudes, morals and character.  And your daily Modus Operandi.
If you’re satisfied with what you’ve accomplished with your part in the OCCUPY movement, then you’re done.  If you’re not satisfied with the results, then you might want to keep reading.

“What did the yogi say to the hot dog vendor?”  “Make me one with everything.”
“What did the hot dog vendor say to the yogi when he asked for the change from his twenty?”  “Change comes from within…”

Nobody’s going to ‘give’ you your ‘change.’  Not if you ask politely, not if you ask violently…not if you demand, plead, cajole, bitch or complain, ad infinitum.

The solution to TheConundrum is simple…quit asking.
Quit ‘asking’ for some illusionary ‘change’ that is going to leave everything the same, perhaps with a NewImproved Shape&OR&Color.

*Make*Change [TM] !!!
MakeChange, using rules and laws that are still being abided by…regulations and rights that the average person has ‘sold’ for the modern day bowl of pottage…safety, convenience, peer recognition…an Approved Public Persona.
When is the last time you ‘fought’ a traffic ticket?  A fine?  A ‘ruling’ by some ‘official’ whose only ‘right’ to make one comes from vague ‘law’ or ‘regulation’ that has nothing whatsoever to do with you or your situation, except from their ability to have their decision enforced at gunpoint?
There was a time when no one got a traffic ticket for minor violations unless they caused an accident.  Why?  Mostly because they were driving ‘safely’…not running around causing accidents…duuhhh.
And when the NaziRatFuckers [TM] decided to *use* laws and regulations as a Source of Income, instead of for purposes of public order and public safety, they made the ‘fine/tax’ small enough so that it wasn’t worth any one’s Time&OR&Effort to go to court to protest/fight a ticket.

Miss a half-day of work to fight a $10.00 ticket?  Only a ‘fool’ would do that.
Right…the guy in the alley, with the gun, only took $10.00 from what you had in your wallet, so it’s not worth the Time or Trouble to file a police report.  “Gee, I hope he doesn’t rob me again.”

You can get all of your family and friends to march and protest the $10.00 fine you got, and nothing will ever change.
If you’ve got the TIME&OR&EFFORT to go somewhere you don’t live to protest vague things that seem to be ‘happening’ for really vague ‘reasons’…then you can *use* that TIME&OR&EFFORT to go to court, or whatever you need to do, to avail yourself of the laws and regulations that require The$Y$TEM [TM] to give you the DueProcess that exists to prevent Taxation Without Representation…even if it’s called a ‘fine’…a ‘fee’…a ‘mandatory voluntary donation’…or a JustPlainButtFucking [TM].

Or you can ‘mail in’ their REWARD for ButtFucking you, with a note attached containing a plaintive plea for them not to ButtFuck you again.  (Yeah, let me know how that works out for you…)
Got your Buddy/Family/CoWorker to ‘vote’ for [Your Savior Candidate Here] did you?  Wow!  Looks like you’re done.  You and your WarmFuzzie can go home and relax, and pop a cold one.  But don’t forget to pay that ticket you got for promoting your candidate outside the polling place…and remember, the cost of the ticket has ‘gone up’ recently.

How are those ‘metal shavings’ working out for you.  Are you starting to think that maybe you liked the ‘sand’ better?

Try convincing your Buddy/Family/CoWorker to follow *your* example and demand that The$Y$TM take the Time&OR&Trouble to afford you the Due Process required to relieve *you* of *your* money.
[BIG NEWS: The Time&OR&Effort that you expend resisting common thievery also costs the NaziRatFuckers [TM] *THEIR* Time&OR&Effort, and, more importantly, it *costs* THEM [TM] more to provide you with your due process than THEY can ever hope to make back from you and others. (Partly because THEY [TM] pay themselves so damn well for THEIR thievery).]

Will THEY [TM] find ways to ‘fight back’ and increase the cost of your demanding due process, both monetarily and personally?  Fuck Yeah!
Will you, your buddy, your family, your coworker have TheBigEggs needed to stay the course?
Well, if you don’t, then we’re all Doomed…
Why?  Because, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve reached the part of The Slippery Slope where the ‘incline’ is increasing rapidly, and will very soon drop off into Oblivion [ <— not a Rock Group… ].

And if you think that it is hardly worth your TIME&OR&EFFORT to expend your precious energies in so trite a task as ‘righting’ *small* wrongs, such as this, then think again.  Think *seriously* again…

I wasn’t tortured *once* in a Pri$on$y$tem paid for by *your* tax dollars (and ‘fines’ and ‘fees’ etc.), I was tortured a ‘multitude’ of times, as were a ‘multitude’ of others (some of whose REAL crime was to be Mentally&OR&Physically disabled).  As a result of one instance of torture, I came within seconds of dying…not because I was sentenced to die, but because those $10.00 Tortures begin to add up, over time, and the ‘fine’ for Existing Within A Broken  $y$tem tends to ‘go up’…
And this was for the SAME REASON as the ‘traffic fines’..but with far more horrific consequences.

I was reading ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ while in TheHOLE [TM] and couldn’t help but notice that I was being subjected to many of the same abuses as recorded by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.  Except that his accounts dealt with people who were serving sentences of five or ten years for such things as ‘treason’…while I was encaged with individuals who were serving vastly longer sentences for much more minor crimes…or, in some instances, ‘crimes’…
I put a handwritten sign in my cell window, saying, “If you had been sentenced under Stalin, you’d already be home, by now.”

And *I* was in a Pri$on$y$tem that was InFarcerating a much greater percentage of its citizens than those in countries run by Dictators&OR&Despots.
Why?  Can EweSay “Do you want to spend 20 years in prison, or would you rather spend 5 years in prison?”  “Can you say,’Gee, I think I’ll take the damn plea bargain.'”
Sure, Ewe can…

Contary to popular belief, not *everyone* in prison denies being guilty of the crime, or ‘crime,’ for which they were imprisoned.  It’s easy to tell which inmates *are* innocent…they’re doing 20 years.  Dumb bastards thought they were going to get a ‘trial’…
It’s almost that simple, and that is DoGoD’s Truth [TM].

Are you operating under the illusion that Lawyers are going to make a difference in the case of the average person?
Which lawyer?  The one who allows his client to be sentenced under guidelines which give his client *additional* time on his sentence for the ‘crime’ of exercising his ‘right’ to a trial?
That lawyer?  I don’t know if he exists…

Are you even *aware* that the NaziRatFuckers’ [TM] laws effectively make it a CRIME to ‘exercise’ your theoretical right to receive a ‘trial’ for your crimes?   If you *are* innocent, you are sentenced to additional time for failing to *prove* it.
Are you even beginning to  become aware of the fact that every time you pay an UnNeeded&OR& NonSensical  $10.00 ‘fine’ or ‘fee’ that somebody dies?

Are you aware that every time someone innocent is sentenced to 20 years in prison for a ‘crime’ identical to that of a guilty person who ‘took a plea’ and was sentenced to 5 years…that somebody dies?

Are you *happy* that your Public/Televised Song&Dance &OR& Dog&Pony Show contributed to the WarmFuzzy delusion that “SomeBody Cares”?  ( “Give that law a little NIP&TUCK…”  “Oh yeah, and send a Bill to the Citizens…” )
Sorry, pal…but every time that you agree to TakeItInTheA$$ because it is ‘beneath’ you to make the TIME&OR&EFFORT to take the Time&OR&Trouble to OCCUPY YourOwnFuckingLife [TM] and fight the constant onslaught of ‘small’ inju$tices that occur in it every day…somebody dies, either in body or spirit.

Sorry if you’re not going to get laid for going to traffic court and demanding your right to be treated as a citizen, rather than as a mail-in envelope.  Sorry if all your activist friends would laugh at you if your Christmas card was a picture of you crossing against a red light when there’s no traffic in sight.  (I have actually been taken ‘down to the station’ for that and it is only by a ‘miracle’ that there happened to be a senior officer present who laughed until he blew snot out of his nose at the ‘rookie’ who brought me in, instead of getting out his nightstick and saying, “Looks like *this* guy needs to be taught a lesson.”)

So, Mr&OR&MsOCCUPY, impress me…
Stop taking it silently up the ass every day, in a myriad of ways, without even offering a ‘peep’ and with no one watching.  Get your parents to do it.  Get your friends and family to do it.   Get your coworkers and neighbors to do it.
Peaceful protest can be ignored and violent protest can be suppressed.
It’s the NewFuckingReality [TM]!

Want to be a FuckingHERO?  Instead of showing up to board the CattleCar at the time, and on the date, appointed, *call* the NaziRatFuckers [TM] from twenty miles away, and say “Send a car for me, I’ll come peacefully.”
THAT will impress me.

Even if it reaches the point where you can’t run and you can’t hide, you can at least make the NaziRatFuckers [TM] spring for cab fare.  You can board the CattleCar with a smile, knowing that it probably won’t make it to TheCamp because they’re running out of fuel.
Or, you can vote for the person who promises you that, when you arrive at the camp, you’ll all be getting that Free BubbleUp and Eating That Rainbow Stew.   And then march/protest if it turns out not to be so.
[ Major HINT: *Don’t* ‘protest’ near the CattleCars, you’ll ony be saving THEM gas, you fucking moron! }

One of the nicest people I ever met was a prison guard who, when I was four-pointed to (attached in handcuffs to the corners of)  a cold-steel cot with no mattress and no clothes, put a pair of socks on me…the little he could do to provide me with warmth.  He did so only after checking to make sure that none of the other prison guards would see him do it.
His name was Waters, if I recall correctly.   And he is part of the problem.   And every time that you ‘bend’ (over?) for The$y$tem, then so are *you*…and so am *I*.
You can only ‘Change’ yourself.  And that is *all* that is needed.

OCCUPY YOURSELF, and protest agains the multitude of times you take the ‘easy’ way in your own life.
If you do that, then it would be that much nicer if *you* were the prison guard putting the socks on me…even if you had to ‘hide’ that basic act of human kindness from your coworkers…because I would know it was being done by someone who was making a REAL CHANGE in the way it would be in the future, for myself and others.

ThosePoorBastards in the Fifties and Sixties didn’t quit.  They suffered not only the tear gas, they suffered the dogs, the beatings, the hangings, the years in prison and the ravaging of their youth and dreams, in some cases.  But they made a damn Change…

You might have a lot to lose, and it would be foolish to risk throwing it all away, no matter how noble your sincerity and intentions, on Imitating YesterDay’s Remedy.
The consequences of whatever actions you feel you are capable of taking need to be seriously considered, and the possibility of inevitable losses that will have to be endured, but I can personally attest to what you may *gain*.

I tend to be a Joker&OR&Fool&OR&PerpetualShitDisturber, and I am almost always self-effacting about my life, my actions, and what I may or may not have accomplished…but I can tell you this….

There is not one family member or true friend who does not recognize and appreciate the things that I *have* done, or tried to do, as well as the things that I *have* accomplished, or tried to accomplish.
And though I have never admitted it, and am even loathe to reveal it, when I realize that I ‘stayed the course’ to the point where a prison guard was inspired to act in a way reflecting basic human kindness…I kind of feel like a hero.

“I’m Only A Pawn In My Game”


“Don’t Let The Muckers Get You Down…” ~Father Athol Murray

29 Dec

“To him who does what in him lies God will not deny his grace.”